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With the rapid development in the technology world, engineering has been one of the most advanced disciplines of choice for the job hunters. Especially the demand for Electrical and Mechanical engineers take the lead soon after Civil and Computer disciplines. With the new development in academics, Electro-Mechanics has started gaining popularity as an amalgamation of the both the primary branches of engineering with their close proximity at work place and research applications. This is the reason why there is more demand for Electro-Mechanical Engineers in the current job scenario, rather than any of these specific disciplines. As a preferential recruitment partner RS International offers dedicated manpower solutions, staffing and skill-hunting for Electrical and Electro-Mechanical Engineers in the country and overseas.

Job sphere for Electro-Mechanical Engineers:

As a combined branch of Engineering the responsibilities of Electro-Mechanical Engineers are diverse as per the nature of installation or operation. They are primarily engaged in advanced engineering establishments in the fields of industrial automation, robotics, servo-electric, production industries, testing labs and such others. The Electro-Mechanical Engineers are responsible for installation, commissioning, production, and maintenance jobs in multiple industry verticals appropriate with their skill sets and experiences.

How RS international can be the platform for sourcing Electro-Mechanical Engineers:

As a global skill-hunt specialist, RS International has a strong network of resources, which can be utilized to fetch the right profile of work force in Electro-Mechanical discipline. We can cater to any size of requirement of manpower for industries and establishments in India and overseas. With our strict selection procedure and stringent scrutiny the recruiters are assured to get the best quality workforce as per their specific needs. We provide higher technical manpower with adequate knowledge of relevant computer applications and experience. As a recruiter, your botheration for sourcing the right potential candidates for desired profiles of jobs, becomes almost insignificant with refined and groomed profile of candidates from RS International.

With our proactive selection and scrutiny of candidature, our clients always receive a quick solution at the right cost and well exceeding the expectations. Let us know your requirements, and we will ensure the right profiles for your vacancies within shortest possible timeframe.

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