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Abu Dhabi is the second largest city in terms of population in the UAE and the capital of Abu Dhabi Emirates. It is also one of the most prospering cities of the world, with high human development index. The city is well known for its sky-rising architecture and dynamic developments in the construction industry. Abu Dhabi already has some super skyscrapers under construction with its mission 2030 plan.

Recruitment prospects in Abu Dhabi:

Petroleum and Natural Gas is the most prospering industry of UAE and Abu Dhabi shares a majority of UAE’s resource of hydrocarbons. More than 95% of Oil and 92% Natural Gas of UAE comes from this prospering city of Emirates. Abu Dhabi has started diversifying substantial new investments in Infrastructure, Tourism, Real Estate and Retail industry, which opens up new avenues for recruitment in recent years. Also this city is becoming popular among film industries like Hollywood, Bollywood and other national film industries across the world. With some of the most stunning stadiums, Abu Dhabi is hosting a number of international games and sports in the country, which enhances demand for employees in service sector as well.

For maintaining this huge infrastructure of Abu Dhabi, there are consistent requirement of Engineers, Urban Planners, City Architects, Engineers, Management Specialists, Healthcare Professionals, Financial Advisors along with other general workers. This demand of diversified professionals makes Abu Dhabi one of the most dynamic cities for choosing as a career destination among the developed world.

Recruitment agency in Abu Dhabi – RS International:

For catering to the huge demand of convenient working class and managers, there is a consistent need for good recruitment agencies. The recruiters in Abu Dhabi usually adopting agencies across the world for sourcing appropriate human resource. RS international with its strong portfolio of providing recruitment solutions in Abu Dhabi is among the top-line arrangers of professionals for diverse disciplines. With our professional commitment and in-time support, we have established us as one of the most prospering recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi.

Join us today and let us know the professions or disciplines in which you need adequate workforce. We can satisfy your needs with competent technical as well as non-technical workforce at your budget provisions. With our dedicated service and quality of human resource, you will hardly change to any other recruitment agency in India.

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