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Bahrain is one of the most prospering countries in the Arab nations offering a huge challenge to the other oil producers in the Middle-East. As per the report of United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia, Bahrain is the fastest growing economy in the Arab world. Petroleum industry is the most prospering industry in this country accounting to almost 60% exports and more than 70% revenue of the nation. Aluminum Industry is the second largest industry followed by finance and construction material industry. Tourism is also another major industry of Bahrain with more than 10 million visitors per year from different corners of the world.
This country is often described as archipelago of 33 islands and is a desert country in the Persian Gulf. At present extensive land reclamation projects have taken the number of islands to 84. With a coastline of about 161 kms, Bahrain does not share any land border with any other Arabian country. Bahrain is one of the most prosperous countries among the Arabian nations, sharing bilateral political relations with more than 190 nations worldwide. With its welcoming gesture for expats and prudent economic developments, Bahrain is a destination of choice among job seekers worldwide.

Job and recruitment portfolio of Bahrain:

Requirement of quality human resource makes Bahrain one of the most popular nations for job hunting among all Arab countries. Especially the prospering sectors like Petroleum, Petro-Chemicals, Construction, Aluminum Plans, Tourism Industry and Financial entities keep searching for good candidates to meet their human resource needs. As the population of the country is limited to only around 1.3 million, the need of qualified and experienced human resource from abroad nations is on high demand among the industries and institutions of Bahrain.

How RS International can help:

RS International with its years of experience in expediting recruitment procedures through its common platform for recruiters and job seekers offers an enormous possibility for the job seekers to get a demanding job of choice. We have accentuated the recruitment procedure through our stringent selection and scrutiny norms, which helps recruiters to source candidates with ease. We can help everyone with adequate qualification and experience to get a prospective job in Bahrain. With us recruitment in Bahrain becomes quite simple and effortless both for job hunters as well as for recruiting organizations.

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