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Canada is one of the developed countries of the 3rd World, with 10th highest per capita income and 9th highest Human Development Index in the world. Canada also ranks highest among the comparisons of the nations pertaining to government transparency, education, quality of life and civil liberties. As of the statistics of 2015, Canada is the 11th largest economy of the world. Toronto Stock Exchange in the Canadian capital is the 7th largest in the world as far as market capitalization is concerned. Since early 20th Century, Canadian economy has passed through reform phases making it one of the leaders in terms of mining, manufacturing and service sectors. As like many other developed nations, country’s three-quarters of the population are engaged in service industry. The economy of Canada is mostly focused on primary sectors of Forestry and Petroleum Industries along with Mining and other industries.

Reasons behind popularity of recruitment in Canada for an expat:

There are many reasons, why people from any corner of the world prefer to migrate into Canada with a job or recruitment. The quality of life and the developed economy has its fair share of contribution behind Canada being one of the popular destinations for expatriation. Flourishing education system in Canada also attracts many to pursue higher education and ultimately jobs in Canada. Apart from this there are many service industries, mining and petroleum industries, scientific industries and establishments that allure qualified and experienced professional to seek for a promising career in Canada. The tourism industry of Canada also lures many interested job aspirants to try their luck for a better career option.

RS International offers the best solutions for recruitment in Canada:

As a promising manpower recruitment supporter, RS International has always remained in accessible distance from the recruiters in Canada as well as the job seekers from all corners of the world. We maintain a strong relationship among our clients and jobseekers. With our strict and structured selection/ scrutiny norms, we ensure the best candidates for the right kind of opportunity in Canada for a promising workforce. The challenges of a developed country in maintaining the development rate is something that every Canadian recruiter thinks of. We ensure to supply adequate human resource, appositely qualified to suit the available job opportunities as they are demanded.

With our service consistence, quality of service and support, we ensure the best workforce for any specific requirement, irrespective of their volume or expanse. Feel free to let us know your requirements and we will ensure the best service for you through the core team of RS International.

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