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Developed over local economy of harbor and marine industry along with mining, cement and stone crushing, Fujairah is one of the Emirates of UAE considered a major sea-port location. The resurgence of construction and improvised harboring business has offered this Emirate its unique distinction among all seven Emirates of the UAE. With the recent announcement of free trade zones, now foreigners can also invest fully in this Emirate. This free trade zones are attracting a number of foreign organizations to open their offices and operational hubs in Fujairah. The recent development in commercialization of economy by fore-sighting rulers of this Emirate, Fujairah is getting a huge attention from around the globe as a major destination for career in the UAE.

Job opportunities in Fujairah:

There are numerous job opportunities for different credentials available in Fujairah. Especially the prospering ports and marine industry welcomes Marine engineers, Mechanical and Civil Engineers, Construction workers, Architects and others. The industrialized economy of Fujairah, spread over Cement and Mining industry also invites potential candidates for a prosperous career in this Emirate. Recent development in the banking and financial sector is another attraction for the adequately qualified mass in the finance and banking portfolio. The Healthcare sector opens up its avenues for technicians, workers, nursing assistants, doctors and other para-medical staff for a promising career in Fujairah. Teaching jobs as well have specific importance for the aspirants in this Emirate. Apart from all these, there are numerous opportunities for job-hunting candidates, who would like to avail a dynamic opportunity to go for a career in Fujairah.

RS International offering umbrella solutions for recruitment in Fujairah:

As a promising recruitment solution provider, RS International has been taken premier interest in supporting human resource requirements in Fujairah. We are keen in delivering all round solutions from workforce acquisition, scrutiny, modulation and selection as per the need and demand in Fujairah. With our extended network of resources and a huge database of job aspirants, we can provider competent manpower to any sector in Fujairah, be it in farming, healthcare, construction, banking and finance, marine or mechanical. We are also a prudent recruitment agency in Fujairah for unskilled labor as per the need and demand.

Feel free to contact us for any specific manpower requirement and we assure you in-time delivery of workforce with adequate skills and qualifications. For job aspirants our windows are always open and we accept CVs from any one from any part of the world 24 by 7.

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