Pooling Quality Human Resource for Competent Recruitment in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest island country consisting of more than 17 thousand islands. The capital Jakarta is the most populous island with almost 50% of the country population figuring around 255 million. This is also regarded as the 4th most populous country in the world after China, India, and United States. This is the largest Muslim country in the world by religion. Indonesia is one of the prime sponsors of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) since 70s, which has made this country an economic super power in the world.

Recruitment and Opportunities for foreigners:

This country has evolved economically over the last four decades, supporting quality human resource demands to be the partners in change. This huge economy which is based mostly on the contributions of private sector as well as the government, has always invited foreigners through competent talent hunt to run the development models. This country have been bestowed with extensive reserves of crude oil, copper, tin, and gold, which opens up avenues for Mining Engineers, Mining Workers, Petro-Chemical Engineers, Surveyors, manufacturing and chemical plant workforce. Agriculture being the single largest employer in the country since centuries, also invites Agriculture Specialists, Bio-Engineers, Retail Chain Managers and other such key workers in the agrarian sector. Service industry also invites professional to various profiles such as Doctors, Medicine Experts, Healthcare Attendants, Paramedical Staff, School and College Teachers, Faculties in Universities, Bankers, Financial Advisors, IT Professionals, Yoga and Aerobics Instructors, Physical Fitness Instructors, and many such other professionals. There is a vast demand for well-deserving candidates for senior management as well as ground level in diverse sectors in Indonesia.

RS International as the recruitment consultants for Indonesia:

With our years of experience in sourcing competent manpower for recruitment abroad and in the country, we have been one of the best consultants for recruitments in Indonesia. We have diverse profiles of database and can resource competent workforce in any volume for any specific requirement. We are committed for timeframe and offer excellent quality human resource with our stringent selection norms. For any recruiter and organization in Indonesia, we can be the best recruitment consultants for any professional workforce. We also specialize in providing skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled workforce in bulk. With our superlative support and dedicated service, we ensure that there is a perfect coordination among the job hunters and the recruiters.

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