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Libya is one of the most prospering economies of the African countries and the 5th largest producer and distributer of Oil and Natural gas in the world. Oil and Natural Gas sector contributes almost 80% of the economy of Libya. This country is also holds a significant position in the world for supply of light/ sweet crude oil. After a sharp plunge with 60% GDP in 2011, Libya has maintained a sustainable growth factor as far as GDP is concerned in 2012, 2013, and till now. Defined as an ‘Upper Middle Class’ economy by World Bank, Libya adopted open economic reforms allowing 100% share for foreign investors in companies and establishments in the country. Libya is also having a prospering tourism industry with new policy reforms.

Career prospects in Libya:

As a reformed and open economy (in some parts of the country), this country is being preferred as one of the most promising destinations for investment and development by foreign parties. The demands for well qualified workforce in the fields of Accounting, Banking, Construction, Engineering, and Petro-Chemical Industry are gaining rapid momentum in recent years. In a 2011 census, it was estimated that it will take at least 20 years to develop Libya to a stature of development. This also brings in huge opportunities for foreigners both in skilled and un-skilled sector, who would like to pursue a professional career in Libya. As per an unofficial index, the migrant labors in Libya constitute almost 30% – 40% of the population of Libya. This is also an encouraging figure to work in a foreign land, where you can get your fellow citizens from the same country.

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