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As a legacy of British Colonial Rules, Malaysia still has a political system of Federal Constitutional Elective Monarchy, whose head of the institution is referred as the King. The King is elected among the nine hereditary families of the Malaysian kingdom for a general term of 5 years. As a founding member of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN countries), this country shares bilateral relations among many nations of the world and especially among the Islamic nations.

According to HSBC report, Malaysia is going to become the 21st largest economy of the world by 2050. Malaysia is a relatively open economy with newly industrialization. Malaysia also proudly holds one of the best economic development rates among Asian countries with an average of 6.5% annually. Dominated by agrarian sectors, and industrialization reforms, Malaysia also holds a greater significance in the travel and tourism industry. This country is also developed as a center for Islamic banking. This country is also one of the largest exporters of semiconductors, IT hardware, electrical equipments and communication products.

Recruitment scenario in Malaysia:

As the country shares a major part of agricultural exports, recruitment in agricultural sector, marketing and farming is significant in Malaysia. Along with this there is a huge demand in Marine and Petrochemical industry for marine engineers, petroleum engineers, construction workers, chemical and civil engineers in Malaysia. The banking industry in Malaysia is prosperous and thus constantly requires bankers and associated financial executives for various job positions. Supporting the growing tourism industry there is a huge demand for tourism developers, promoters, hospitality industry workers in various profiles. The need of financial planners, and economists as well as management support staff is also high in the Malaysian organizations. With advanced living conditions and other modern amenities, Malaysia offers a great opportunity for expats to work in this country.

RS International – Ensuring all round satisfaction:

RS International as one of the most diverse manpower resourcing organization can offer better prospects for job hunters for different recruitment options in Malaysia. With our experience and prudence, we can deliver the right profile of candidates for any type of job conditions in Malaysia. Our talent hunt process offers only the best among the aspiring persons to best fit the job requirements for any developing economy as well as a developed nation.

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