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Philippines is the 7th largest country in South-East Asia with a population of more than One Hundred Million. Consisting of a group of 7614 islands, this country is also known as the country of the islands in the world. Being considered as a “Middle Power” in the world, Philippines is economically a strong nation (ranking 39th largest GDP as per 2014 report) with a stable government. Politically also this country shares bilateral relations along many countries in the world for trade as well as for wellbeing of more than 11 million Philippine population. This country also has the head quarter of Asian Development Bank!

Opportunities for career development in Philippines:

Philippines is one of the largest exporters of semiconductors, electronic products, garments, transport products, copper, fruits, petroleum products and coconut oil in the world. It has a strong trade relationship with countries like USA, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Netherlands and South Korea. As a newly industrialized country the economy of Philippines is being transformed from a majorly agrarian sector to an industrialized economy. There are many opportunities in service sectors for healthcare professionals, engineers, construction workers, bankers and financial specialists, teachers as well as other skilled and non-skilled workforce. The demand for well-qualified and experienced professionals in the fields like construction, banking, teaching, industries, retail and productions are quite high in this industrially developing country. This is preparing a good base for the expats and foreigners to develop a sustainable career in Philippines. Although affordable markets like China and India are major competitors to the economic development of Philippines, still the demand is high and even Goldman Sachs has included this country in its list of the “Next Eleven” booming economies of the world.

Role of RS International as an International Recruitment Consultant:

Delivering excellence in manpower resourcing throughout the world, RS International also plays its pivotal role while dealing with recruitment in Philippines. We ensure the best team of professional workforce is directed towards specific requirement of the recruiters in Philippines. With our strong commitment for quality manpower resourcing, we ensure the best professionals scrutinized as per the requirements for any recruiter in Philippines. With a huge requirement at this time of economic boom in the Philippines, we can help in fulfilling the demands from skill deficit in the specializations such as Environmental Planners, Architects, Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Counselors, Motivators, Public Speakers, Medical Technicians, Physicians, CNC machinists, Aircraft Engineers and many more.

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