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Qatar is a country which has the highest per capita income in the world. It is also the 3rd largest Oil and Natural gas reservoir in the world. It is evident that the huge economy of this tiny country of around 1.8 million populations comes from its prospering Oil and Natural gas sectors. Added to the fact, in this country only 0.3 million people are original Qataris and the remaining 1.5 million citizens are expats from different countries around the globe. Qatar is also the most advanced Arab country as per UN human index report. Qatar is also in focus for its selection to hold 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Apart from Oil and Gas sector, there are many construction projects are going on in Qatar. The abundance of wealth and power always encourages expats to come to Qatar in search of different profiles of jobs in construction, Oil and Gas, Mechanical, Roads and Bridges, Hospital and Nursing as well as for other categories. In this perspective Qatar holds a high repute among the countries inviting foreign professionals for different sectors of jobs. RS International is familiar with the growing demands of professionals in Qatar and is aptly supplying human resources that are required by the agencies and corporations in Qatar.

Our specialties:

As one of the strongest economy in the developed world, which is in constant need of more qualified and dignified human resource, Qatar is always ready to welcome expats for various job profiles. Due to the lifestyle conditions and other advanced amenities, people from many countries love to work in Qatar. RS International has profuse experience in supplying quality human resources as per the need and requisitions from various incorporations in Qatar. With our vast database of qualified and experienced candidates, we at RS International can source manpower in bulk for various projects and operations in Qatar.
We have been providing workforce for all types of recruitments in Qatar. Especially, we specialize in resourcing for all the portfolios in:

Oil and Gas sector
Construction / Civil
Hospitality and Tourism
Marine Technology
Hospitals and Healthcare sectors
Education / Teaching / Academics
IT & Telecomm

RS International helps in resourcing actuated human resource for employers in Qatar with a commitment for professional response. We have the best blend of experienced as well as skilled candidates adequately qualified for distinct job profiles. We can offer every type of solution that is demanded as per the economics of Qatar and as per work environment. Our resources and candidates can become real assets for any organization and workgroup in Qatar with their commitment and dedication.

Feel free to ask us for your specific human resource requirement for Qatar. RS International will provide you dependable solution.

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