Recruitment in Saudi Arabia with A Professional Commitment for Quality Workforce

Since the discovery of Oil and Natural Gas in Eastern Saudi Arabia in the year 1938, and subsequent finds, this prospering Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) has developed into the largest oil producer and exporter. Saudi Arabia controls the second largest Oil reserve and 6th largest Natural Gas reserve in the world. The economy of Saudi Arabia is considered as high-income economy by the World Bank Index and is the only Arab country to become the part of G20 major economies. Saudi Arab officially reserves total 20% of the entire oil reserve of the world.

Recruitment prospective in Saudi Arabia:

With an economy focused on Oil and gas industry more than 70% of the government revenue and more than 90% of exports of the country is based on oil and gas. One of the most unique prospective of Saudi Arab is that more than 80% of its working population is based on foreign workers. Desert Agriculture is another highly prominent sector with government subsidies and advanced technologies. Apart from this, healthcare sectors, IT sectors, education, basic facilities such as roads, building constructions, etc. are some of the prominent sectors of Saudi Arab economy.

RS international as a recruitment partner in Saudi Arabia:

With a highly committed infrastructure and a dedicated network of resources, RS International has been closely working with the recruiters in Saudi Arabia for supply of manpower and recruitment consultation in the country. With our highly skilled and committed team for scrutiny of best candidates for any promising sector, such as Oil and Natural Gas, Healthcare, Construction Workers, Supervisors, Engineers, Teachers, and general scale workers, RS International can source the best manpower for any aspiring project in Saudi Arabia. As more than 80% of the working populations in Saudi Arabia are expats, we help recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia to select the best candidates from our database and receive prompt recruitment support from us.

We are committed for in-time service and quality resourcing of workforce. This is our forte, which makes us one of the best recruitment agencies in Saudi Arabia. With a strong commitment for qualitative and qualified human resource, we continue to be the best recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia.

Feel free to write to us for your specific recruitment solutions and we will be glad to assist you in finding the best workforce. Candidates can also send us their resume specifying their job preference and aspirations.

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