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Singapore is one of the most advanced countries in the entire South-East Asia, having strong bilateral relations with more than 180 countries around the world. Arguably Singapore is the most advanced country in terms of technology and trade relations. Globally Singapore is the leader in many economic indexes. It’s the third largest foreign exchange center and the 4th largest financial center of the world. Singapore is also the second largest center for gambling after Las Vegas. Singapore is recognized as the largest oil-rig producer and one of the major ship repair hubs of the world. Apart from this Singapore is also the third largest Oil refining and trading center of the world. This is also one of the most favorable destinations for tourism and travel with protected vegetation and a diversity of flora and fauna.

The job prospects in Singapore:

With so many acclamations to this small country (in size), there is a vast job market in Singapore. A larger trade portion of Singapore is based on export of electronic goods and equipments, which emphasizes on jobs for engineers and technicians. Apart from this as per the requirement of every industry vertical, there are huge openings for Marine Engineers, Petroleum Engineers, Petro-Chemical Engineers, Civil construction Engineers, Financial Advisors, Hospitality Industry Professionals, Bankers, Teachers, Educationists, Travel planners, Tour operators, Guides and other such professions in Singapore. Being an open thinking country, Singapore welcomes expat population to share their success and development thus offering a vivid chance to qualified and experienced professionals for various jobs and recruitments in Singapore.

RS International as a coordinator for recruitment in Singapore:

With our years of experience in outsourcing candidates for recruitment abroad, we have gathered a huge database of candidates suitable for different kinds of jobs. As per the demand from specific industries and available vacancies, we can resource manpower to countries like Singapore. With a strict surveillance on the scrutiny procedure of candidates, we ensure only the best could be directed towards various job openings in Singapore. Be it a small scale requirement or a larger/ bulk recruitment of workforce, we can ensure timely delivery along with prudent workforce for any recruitment specific requirement.

Our services as a coordinator among the job aspirants and recruiters are maintained at high-level of trust, mutual confidence and service support. This is the reason why RS international is a proud supplier of prudent workforce for the recruitment options in Singapore. Let us know your specifications, and we will ensure the best service conditions for aspirants and recruiters!

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