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As a nation with a huge past and a distinct amalgamation of rich heritage and culture, Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean is a country sharing international relations with many countries in the world. The Sri Lanka is regarded as a High Human Development Index and is among the 2 countries in South Asia to be so. After its independence from the Britishers in the year 1948, Sri Lanka has undergone several political and economic changes to become of the most well-known countries in the world. Although passed through a recent phase of 26 years of conflict and Civil War with LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam), Sri Lanka has made development its primary agenda and has prospered in achieving the goal. The government is actively engaged in reconstruction of infrastructure, facilitating to industrial development and development of IT as well as other service sectors.

Job prospects in Sri Lanka:

After the end of Civil War with LTTE in the year 2009, Sri Lanka has felt shortage of quality workforce in many aspects. Local manpower was not sufficient to fulfill the demands and this created an opportunity for expat population and foreigners to shape a career in Sri Lanka. Although the Sri Lankan economy is mostly based on Agrarian Sector and Service Sectors, the demand for competent workforce is still huge, thus making it an ideal destination for a career formation in a relatively peaceful country. Sri Lanka has transformed from a plantation economy to a prosperous industrial country. The food processing, textiles, finance and telecom industries are also growing at rapid pace. The export of tea, rubber, coffee, Sugar, and other items are creating ample of job prospects for the foreigners. With a huge growth of service industry, there is an apt demand for qualified doctors, healthcare assistants, para-medics, bankers, financial planners, insurance agents along with engineers, technical experts and skilled as well as non-skilled workers. This huge growth of economy offers Sri Lanka a prominent place among the foreign recruiters in South Asian region.

How RS International caters to the demand of recruitment in Sri Lanka:

With a strong base of adequately qualified and trained human resource, RS international has a vibrant network of recruiters and job-seekers for Sri Lanka. We ensure that the candidates are perfect for any sector of job vacancies by scanning their candidature and conducting a few preliminary selection modalities. With our huge database of human resource, we are able to cater to the demands of recruiters in Sri Lanka as per their specifications and service demands.

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