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Tunisia is the only democratic country among the Arab World with a high Human Development Index. This country is also one of the most dynamic members of the OIC, Arab League, Arab Mughreb Union (AMU), La Francophonie and shared an association agreement with the European Union. With its close association with European countries, especially with France and Italy, Tunisia holds a major reputation among the Arab World for its sustainable industrialization, modernization, privatization and economic cooperation. After achieving independence from France in the year 1956, Tunisia has gone through a phase of industrial revolution to become the most competitive economy of Africa. In fact, in 2009 Tunisia ranked as the 40th most competitive economy in the world by World Economic Forum. Being an export-oriented country, Tunisia is also remembered as the first Mediterranean country to enter into a free trade area with the European Union.

Recruitment in Tunisia – The present scenario:

Tunisia is majorly a service sector economy followed closely by manufacturing sector. Tunisia is also recognized as a country producing Textiles, Footwear, manufacturing of locomotive parts, and electrical machinery. Tunisia is also known globally for its tourism attractions, which makes Tourism a dominant sector in this country’s economic growth. As per the growing demands of various industries and requirement of competent human resource, Tunisia’s open economy invites foreigners and professional expats to form a career in this country. There is a huge demand for engineers (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Construction, Chemical and such others), Doctors, Specialist Surgeons, Medical professionals, Healthcare professionals, medical technicians, teachers, counselors, retail market professionals, hospitality industry professionals, bankers and financial advisors and many such other profiles. This is the reason why people from all corners of the globe are interested to create their career with a developing economy like Tunisia. The demands for adequately skilled professionals are high in various sectors of Tunisia and this accentuates the recruitment of professional in Tunisia from various outside countries.

RS International as the recruitment consultant in Tunisia:

With a rich experience of providing quality human resource to various sectors in many countries, RS International has a strong collaboration with recruitment agencies in Tunisia. For candidates, who would prefer to pursue a career in Tunisia, RS International can offer a strong platform. We practice strict selection norms that enable us to select the best candidates for specific profiles of jobs. With a strong portfolio of recruiters and candidates, we establish a perfect coordination among the job seekers and the recruiters for all sectors.

We are prompt in recruitment solutions and offer prudent service for both job aspirants and recruiters. Join us today to feel the professional excellence we deliver for recruitment in Tunisia!

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