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UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a confederation of 7 Emirates of the Arab nations and the 7th largest Oil reserve in the world. Along with oil and gas industry, the UAE has diversified its economy into healthcare, construction, tourism and other appealing sectors of development in the recent years. The most popular destination city Dubai has a distinct presence on the world map as a flourishing trading center and a tourism destination for shopping and travel. Dubai is also an international aviation hub with a huge infrastructural development with land reclamation and water desalination projects, which are considered one of most dynamic in the world.

Recruitment scenario in the UAE:

As it is a flourishing country with all-round developments happening round the clock, there is a huge demand for qualified and experienced professional in various sectors of development including Oil and Petrochemical industry, construction, healthcare, education, trading & finance, and other diversified sectors. The economy of UAE is mostly dependent on oil industry, still there are huge scope for other ancillary sectors as mentioned. With the most diversified construction projects to its credit, the UAE is also one of the major destinations for construction workers, supervisors, and Engineers alike. Apart from this, there is a huge demand for employment in transportation sectors, healthcare and education, hospitality industry as well as workers in shopping malls, restaurants and hotels.

RS International catering to the demand for qualitative employment in UAE:

With our years of experience as a recruitment solution provider, RS International has been coordinating with recruiters and job aspirants with its dynamism and synergism for offering solutions to both segments. We have a huge database of prospects for almost every sector of demand and we adequately supply human resource to the UAE as per the need of the recruiters. With a strong commitment for quality manpower resourcing, we ensure the best working environment for the adequately qualified mass through our recruitment solution. Be it any specific industry or workplace, we can ensure the best resource for recruitment in the UAE through our recruitment agency.

Let us know for any specific requirement for recruitment in the UAE. We will cater to the recruitment solutions as per the demand and as per the requirement.

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