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United Kingdom (UK) is considered as a developed country being the 5th largest nation in terms of nominal GDP and 10th largest in terms of PPP (Purchase Power Parity). During the 19th and early 20th century, UK has remained as a great power influencing the world with trade, scientific innovations, culture, industrialization, military and politics. UK has invaded many parts of the world and brought many countries under colonial administration. Its until the mid-20th century, when UK gradually liberated the colonial governments granting them freedom.

Development scenario and job prospects:

Till mid-20th century, UK has enjoyed supremacy in terms of politics, industrialization, cultural dominance and military powers. It is also a super-power in the 21st century with its permanent status in United Nations Security Council (UNSC). With a partially regulated market economy, UK today is the second largest economy after Germany among the European nations. UK has a dominated Service Sector accounting up to 73% human resource utilization in the service industry. In terms of GDP, UK has the largest city economy in Europe. With sky-rocketing financial development, UK is also a major destination for tourism in the world. With industrial development, UK is a primary hub for Aerospace, Aviation and Auto Industry in the 21st century. Pharmaceutical sectors and Agriculture in UK is intense offering another avenue for aspirants to search for a dream career in a developed nation. UK is the 15th largest producer of energy with 2 (out of 6) “Super Majors” in the world. This country is also one of the major producers of coal in the world.

Recruitment in UK supported by RS International:

RS international understands the key elements that are considered vital for a developed economy like UK. With the demands, we have resources manpower in to various manufacturing, and service sectors in UK since years. With our strong database of qualified workforce in almost all promising sectors, such as aviation, aerospace, automobiles, mining, petro-chemicals, construction, marine technology, etc. we ensure the best recruitment of professionals in any UK enterprise. Our prudent commitment for manpower resourcing within shortest possible time has offered us a sense of dependability among various recruiters in the UK. For industries and human resourcing organizations in UK, we have been one of the best and largest suppliers of quality workforce for all spheres of operations. With us recruitment in UK becomes a simplified job matching the best candidates for the required vacancies.

We are committed for excellence in human resource support and we ensure the right prospects for the right opportunities at the time of need.

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